FADDY USA Issue 34, Winter 2022

Editor’s Note By Candice Solomon, Publisher & Editor In Chief, FADDY USA

Editor’s Note: The Wonderland Issue

Editor's Notes by Candice Solomon
Publisher & Editor In Chief, FADDY MAGAZINE USA
Candice Solomon

I’d like to start my opening statement for the “Wonderland Issue” with this beautiful quote about wonder:

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom” ~Socrates

As you all know, the past two years have been both difficult yet filled with great lessons and incredible strides for many of us in the arts and creative community.

I’d like to think FADDY Magazine has brought us together and also created a stronger creative community, globally.

I know for myself the last couple of years have been filled with miracles on all levels.Especially my relationships with everyone who contributes to FADDY Magazine. It’s an honor and privilege to finally have the iconic Naeem Khan grace my cover. “Naeem thank you for two of the most glorious days of shooting feature and your cover with Nicola D’Orazio with our lovely cover girl Parker Winston.



I enjoy having the opportunity to style, creative direct and privilege of shooting on location in Naeem’s glorious home in New York City.

My life has grown so much as well as my craft and vision for both FADDY Magazine and myself as a creative and as the Publisher/Editor in Chief.

I couldn’t have done any of this without the trust and love from all the contributors. I literally pinch myself because of how far I’ve come and where I am today. A year ago my dream of having Helmut Newton, Ellen Von Unwerth and Albert Watson on FADDY Magazine covers came true. The list continues to expand as we continue to collaborate with more internationally recognized creative icons. My sincerest gratitude is endless to all of you.

I am proud of the work we have all done and will continue to do. Those 80 hour weeks were not in vain. I built something that I’m truly proud of and a beautiful FADDY family that I adore to no end.

I am dedicating this issue to the “beauty of wonder” because without wonder we would not awaken the child within and nor would we have the curiosity to create.

I would also like to give a very warm thank you to the iconic and legendary Patricia Field for her beautiful contribution to this issue. If anyone understands wonder and the child within its Patricia Field.

I would also like to congratulate her on her beautiful work for the Netflix series Emily in Paris. I would also like to wish Patricia an early happy birthday. February 12th is indeed a day of celebration.

I could go on and on, but I’ll let the issue tell you the story and with no further ado I welcome you to FADDY Magazines “Wonderland Issue” and all the contributors who made this issue magical.

Have a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2022, and remember to keep the child alive inside and continue to be inspired and create.


Candice Solomon
Editor in Chief
Faddy Magazine

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FADDY MAGAZINE ISSUE 34″ The Wonderland Issue”

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